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Inside The People's Music School!

A multimedia project that will profile and give unparalleled access into daily life at The People’s Music School: Uptown Academy...

Learn more about who and what the Uptown Academy is today! A project by Loyola Graduate School students, Richard Giraldi and Lapasrada Sevikul.

The Power Of Music

How Do You Sweep The Ivy League? Practice — The Viola.

The People's Music School
People's Music School Events


Youth Orchestras – Albany Park: Summer Concert

Friday, July 11, 6:00pm
Hibbard Elementary School
3244 W Ainslie Chicago IL 60625

Uptown Academy: Open House

Thursday, August 14, 6:00pm
The People's Music School
931 W. Eastwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60640

Visit our events page for more information and a full list of upcoming events.

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2014-2015 Uptown Academy Registration FAQ

The People's Music School is one of the only completely free, community music schools in the United States. We provide free music education with an emphasis in classical music. Our curriculum includes music theory as well as instruction in the particular instrument of the child's choice. Read more about our school's program and how you can help support.


We currently have several open positions! Find out more details on our jobs page!