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See what current and former students of The People's Music School have to say about their experience with our programs.

"At the Peoples Music School, I discovered a close community that really felt like family. I had never experienced anything like that in any other environment... Like a family, there are chores, lessons, work, but there are also rewards, fun activities, friendship and fun... Music opens up your mind and gives you the ability to see beauty in life where others don't see it. They seem to have a greater appreciation of the world around them... It gave me confidence that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. I live the benefits of having music in my life everyday."

PSA Testimonial 9— Rafael Nunez
Former guitar & violin student

"I know a lot of kids my age that are frustrated because they are not good at anything. The sense of accomplishment from music feels good."

PSA Testimonial 9— Edward Warden
Percussion student

"Music gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride. It enables me to put myself in other people's shoes. It gives me the chance to learn something new and complicated. I approach homework like a new music piece. I want to learn it and be good at it."

PSA Testimonial 9— Tinu Sonuga
Flute student

"As I started high school, I became more serious in my studies, and my life started coming together. It's hard to say definitely if playing violin spurred my academic studies, or if my academic studies spurred violin playing. Rather, it seems to me that both aspects of my life affected each other equally — they grew together, and now, they go hand-in-hand. In learning violin, I also learned diligence and dedication, discipline and commitment, and finally, pride and passion. My instrument became more than a piece of wood; it was something beautiful that could create something wonderful, and this discovery would have been possible without the People's Music School."

PSA Testimonial 9— Melissa Luu
Former violin student and Stanford University Class of 2012