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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • When can I visit to learn more about your programs?
  • The People's Music School, Uptown Academy (TPMS-UA) will hold an Open House on prior to the beginning of the school year. At this event, you will be able to learn about how our program works, tour the building, meet our staff, and ask questions. Registration is held once each year during the summer. Please, check our website and Facebook page in June to learn when the next registration period will be held.

  • How do I register my child?
  • Registration is held once each year during the summer. Please, check our website and Facebook page in June to learn when the next registration period will be held.

    Registration requirements:

    1. Completed registration form
    2. Copy of your child's birth certificate/passport to verify child's age
    3. 2 copies of a recent photo of your child for identification purposes

    These materials will not be returned. Upon admittance, students will be required to bring original birth certificate or passport to the school for verification. Applications may be obtained in person at The People's Music School, Uptown Academy or found online at 1 week before the registration opens.

  • Does my child need to have any previous musical experience?
  • Your child does not need to know how to read music or sing/play an instrument to enter the Uptown Academy.

  • Do you accept all children?
  • We accept children ages 5 -18 who are in grades K – 12. Once accepted for enrollment at the Uptown Academy children are grouped by age (5-7 year olds, 8-12 year olds, and 13-17 year olds) for the classes they attend. Slots available at each age range vary from year to year.

  • How are children selected to attend the Uptown Academy?
  • We select our students through a lottery drawing. A waiting list of 10 names will be drawn for each age group with slots available for enrollment. The lottery drawing is closed to the public, but it will be made available for viewing on the TPMS Facebook page.

  • How will I know if my child has been selected to attend the Uptown Academy?
  • Only the students' names pulled in the lottery drawing will be notified by phone. Waiting list students will only be contacted if there are cancellations or forfeitures of selected applicants.

  • What do we need to do once we find out my child has been selected?
  • Once you are notified that your child has been selected to enroll in our program you and your child will be required to attend an orientation session

    Should you be unable to attend either of these meetings, you will forfeit your registration and a waiting list applicant will be contacted to assume the vacancy.

  • Do I need to provide my child with an instrument?
  • In most cases, you are expected to provide your child with his/her own instrument. Occasionally, we may have an instrument available to loan your child. We can help you get an instrument for your child by providing a list of vendors who rent/sell instruments and supplies in our area.

  • What instruments do you offer?
  • We currently offer instruction in voice, piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, harp, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, and percussion. Other instruments may be offered depending on the number of students interested in playing that instrument and teacher availability.

  • What is the class schedule?
  • Your child will be assigned to a specific class time by age group. Please note that THE SCHEDULE WILL NOT BE ADJUSTED to accommodate other activities in which your child is involved. Class times for new students accepted to the Uptown Academy will be available on our website by Wednesday, September 3rd.

  • When does the semester start/end?
  • The fall semester runs from Monday, September 8th through Saturday, December 20th.

  • What is my child required to do?
  • Please note that the Uptown Academy is an intensive musical program that requires your child's attendance at theory classes, ensemble rehearsals, and group/private lessons. In order to remain a student in our program your child must:

    1. Be on time to classes/rehearsals and have regular attendance
    2. Pass theory exams
    3. Progress to the next level through instrument juries and teacher evaluations
  • What is required of parents?
  • We require the following from our parents:

    1. Completion of 8 hours of volunteer work every semester, for each child enrolled
    2. Participation in all fundraising for the school
    3. Support and encourage your child’s musical progress
    4. Compliance with all TPMS-UA policies and requirements

If you would like more information about The People's Music School, Uptown Academy, please contact:

Natalie Butler, Uptown Academy Director
(773) 784-7032